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Hurdy-Gurdy May 2021 - 5

The end result, a beautiful colorful hurdy-gurdy. This is possibly one of the best I've made so far, the woodwork is beautiful, the paintwork is tight and the sound is very good. All those years of experience of making hurdy-gurdies come together in this instrument.

Hurdy Gurdy May 2021 - 4

This is it then, very close to finishing. Nearly made everything that I need, now I have to take it all apart, and then the magic happens when I start with the varnishing and the colours come out.



Hurdy Gurdy May 2021 - 3

Now I'm going to start assembling the hurdy-gurdy.


Hurdy Gurdy May 2021 - 2

The parts of the wheel and the colored wooden inlay of the keyboard.